Thursday, October 28, 2010

This week is just flying by. I'm eagerly anticipating tomorrow when we'll be leaving for a weekend in Orlando! There are multiple reasons to enjoy this: a big one is that neither of us will work. I'm so glad that we can't work when we're away from home! Also, extra hands to help with the kids. I don't mind relinquishing some responsibility for a couple of days. Plus, I can't wait to visit with everyone! Although, truly, there are too many people to see in the two short days there.

As there seems to be some nasty bug going around the eastern US I've been hoping that we don't pick it up so that we don't have to cancel our weekend plans. It's been about three weeks since Kate & Clay had a cold; it was super mild but I still kept them home from church even after they seemed better so that it wouldn't pass around to anyone else. I've not holed us up this week in order to keep us well but I have been a little more diligent about keeping up immune boosting practices.

As far as not keeping holed up, today was Addison's dress rehearsal for her tap recital on Saturday. We already had our plans for Orlando well before we found out about the recital so she won't be able to make it. (which is one reason why her "dancing mouse" outfit is a little sparse - plus, I forgot to draw on her nose before she went in!)

After dance I stopped at Target. A gift card=coffee for me, chicken & fries for the girls. While there Erin called to say she was stopping at the Brnes & Noble by our house so we hopped in the van & met her there. I love spontaneous visits! We were able to chat for awhile; Erin is four days past her due date so her little girl should be here anytime now!

Last night, for the first time at night, I took Clay out of our room & put him to sleep in another room. I was surprised that even though he's the third baby it still made me feel a little sad! Definitely not sad enough to keep him in our room, though. For one thing, he's outgrowing his bassinet & scoots himself up at night so that his head is bumping the side. See? Too big.

Because one of us works until 11 or 12 every night Clay has had enough sleep by then that our noise coming into the room causes him to stir. His noise keeps us up or will wake us up in the middle of the night. He's not crying, just awake. So, I'll pull him into bed & nurse him so that he'll fall back asleep & I fall asleep in the process. Then, because he's in bed with us he & I both don't sleep as well & continue to wake up through the night. I'm already not getting enough sleep as it is so I went ahead & switched him & it worked! I woke up once last night & could hear him making a little noise on the monitor but he & I both fell back asleep quickly with no nursing or holding involved.

For the most part this week we've been playing outside in the "pool" (i.e. little sand turtle) & swinging. The camera has been kept tucked away for the most part, too. I'm sure I'll be coming home with pictures this weekend, especially of my pregnant sister who found out yesterday that she's having a BOY!!! I'm so excited for her!


Tricia said...

I love Addisons big smile. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

:) I think our Bethany has less room than Clay in her bassinet but I'm not ready for her to sleep in the cot! I've been saying "Tomorrow" for about a month now!


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