Monday, October 25, 2010

Youth Rally Fun!

Saturday was the Florida Chapel Youth Rally (or whatever they call it) I still remember the first time I went to camp, it was for a youth rally & I was eleven years old & fell in LOVE! The youth rallies are no longer held at camp & this time it was only about twenty minutes from our house! It was held in conjunction with a church Fall festival so they had the traditional singing, music, speakers & group games as well as bounce house, hay rides, free food, petting zoo & snow cones! I had a great time visiting with old friends.

Me & Craigers! We only see each other about once a year & it's become a tradition for us to take one of these photos.

The girls definitely inherited their love of sno-cones from their daddy!

When we arrived, before we could even make it to all of the festivities, a friend from another church came to hold Clay. I didn't get him back until we were leaving! Even though it was a crowd of people he didn't know he fell asleep on someone & when he woke up he was all smiles!

Shortly after we arrived & grabbed some yummy food, Kate thought the dirt on the ground looked more appetizing. When it wasn't she wiped her fingers on daddy's white shirt.

Addison taking it all in

The girls loved the petting zoo - goats, miniature horse, pig, snake, rabbit...I forget what else!

We had to leave early & went off to Rays' cousins' 7th birthday pool party! The girls were so excited about the pool. They also played pin the tail on the donkey. Well, Kate kind of played, Addison refused.

After the party we went to a friends' house for a fun dinner! They're being transferred up to Virginia & we've been trying to get together with them for a long while now but our crazy schedules make it very difficult. With them moving next week this was the last chance that we had. They have five kids, plus another couple there have two & Addison had such a blast playing. Come 9:00 they were running all over the house shrieking with delight.


Tricia said...

What a busy, fun day! The girls dresses turned out so cute.

girl from florida said...

OK, somehow I posted on a post way down the page, lol. I was referring to the cute picture on this post :)


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