Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas

I've never made Christmas lists. Even as a kid my sister would get this long list going but I don't ever remember making one. I think part of it is practicality; I didn't see a reason for wanting or asking for something I knew I most likely wouldn't get. Plus, I'm really just horrible about knowing just what I want when asked.

However, if I could get one, maybe two things for Christmas this year, they are as follows:

2. Money

Sounds lame, huh?

But as this point, I'm lucky to get a shower without a little one trying to get in there with me (which is why I saved up most of my breaks from work during my shift last night so I could take one longer break & take a shower while the kids were in bed). So, I'd really like some time. A few hours where Ray takes the kids & I can stay home & clean without anyone else there. Or, a few hours when I can go out alone & maybe even shop (that's where the money part comes in!) without being guilted about it.

We don't have any budgeting alotted to buying clothes or shoes or anything of that nature so buying my wardrobe is based upon Christmas & birthday money received or anything I can find to sell on ebay or craigslist. Which is why I'd like money - I have a mental list of clothing I need/want but it's much more practical if I shop sales than if someone buys the item for me. Plus, I LOVE to shop!

If I'm really going to dream big then I'd get time alone to go out, money to spend AND while I'm out a cleaning crew to clean my house for me.

Even bigger, a weekend away. No, two weekends away - one just with Ray and one all alone somewhere getting spa treatments & sleeping in & doing whatever I want whenever I want. (sounds very selfish, I know!)

But, the last three things on that list are about as likely to happen as it would be for us to quit Hilton by years' end so I'm much more content asking for a few hours here & there to use as I please. It's not such an unreasonable gift, is it?

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Lisa said...

I like your blog. A lot. :)

Your Christmas list sounds just like mine!

"I'd get time alone to go out, money to spend AND while I'm out a cleaning crew to clean my house for me."
This sounds like heaven to me!

Happy Christmas, Jessica.
God Bless


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