Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Garage Sale Find: Vintage Stationary

Years ago I found some stationary at a garage sale which I just thought was so cool. And, when I say years ago, I'm talking about 15 years, I was probably in middle school at the time.

I've held onto it but I've never done anything with it. I occasionally find it shoved in with my other stationary, push it aside & forget about it.

Right now I'm in clean-out mode. I'm organizing, throwing away & selling whatever tickles my fancy. I've never been able to part with this stationary before but I'm think of listing it in my etsy shop.

Anyone have any ideas on a good price?

Don't you just love the colors of the envelopes?

The box shows that this is "Eaton's Air Mail Parchment Thin." It contains 60 sheets of 5 5/8x9 inch paper & 20 envelopes.

One of my favorite things about this box of stationary is this little coupon:

I LOVE the part that states "please tape your coin or coins here." I wish I knew how old this was! The coupon is for a free booklet to "make letter writing as easy as talking!"

1 comment :

Megan said...

That stationary is fantastic! The book that the coupon is for (picture here: "It's fun to write letters! by Jane Eaton) is from 1946 so the stationary is probably from around then as well :)


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