Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

10:30pm. Teeth are brushed (& flossed, my parents didn't raise a hillbilly!), face is washed & I'm snuggled in my pajamas ready to go to bed. I've finally reached the point where I'm much happier going to bed than ringing in the new year.

This is a big step for me as I used to be rather obsessive about seeing in the new year.

Our youth group used to have lock-ins every New Year's Eve. Those were the absolute best! One memorable year was 1999; here's a picture of some of us AFTER the huge flour fight we had in the parking lot.

We had a wonderful youth group & I do believe the most dedicated youth leaders I've ever encountered. Not only did they let us have tons of fun but they also made sure a bunch of 11-18 year olds learned about eschatology, soteriology, get the idea.

Anyway, eleven years later I'm very happy with this quiet evening - kids sleeping & I'm ready to follow suit.

Side note: if anyone invents silent fireworks you WILL become rich.

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