Monday, January 03, 2011

Daily Randomness

Sold a bunch of stuff on ebay last week & received a message from a buyer asking to ship his books via media mail so that it would be cheaper & then refund him the money either by paypal or putting the cash in the front cover of the book. Yeah...Dude, when you bid on the item at the offered shipping rate you contractually agreed to pay that rate. He has tons of feedback so it looks like he probably buys for his own shop & thinks he "knows his stuff" & can get us "little people" to do crazy things like that for him. I didn't.

I can no longer put off rehanging my curtain rod:

It's been super precarious & falling out of the wall but I HATE installing curtain rods. Our floors/ceilings are uneven & I can almost never find the level & I almost always end up hanging something slightly off. But, last night when Ray went to close the curtains they fell out of the wall, thus ensuring I must now complete this project.

Speaking of curtains & such I have gift certificate & am looking into possibly buying curtains or curtain rod for HUGE sliding glass door at the back of our house. It's never had curtains since we've been here because the window is so oversized that it's rather expensive to put window treatments on it. But I'm SO tired of that huge blank space. It's unattractive & it's just not me.

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Our Life As We Live It said...

I have a bunch of windows in our house and that was an expensive project to tackle. We did make several of the curtains though which ended up being a little cheaper. But the rods? Pricey!! Because with large windows you need the bigger heavier rods to go across and sometimes those cost more than the curtains!!


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