Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 in review


I had the pleasure of meeting Amy, who had been reading my blog for several years & lives close by. She & her girls are so sweet!

We celebrated the upcoming arrival of Rachels' baby boy with a Thai dinner.

I reached the halfway point in my third pregnancy.

We discovered BIG news - we were expecting a BOY!!!


We unsuccessfully hunted for a van in Orlando & made a surprise stop at my parents' home.

I hosted a Valentine's Party for the girls & their friends - it was so fun I might do it again this year!

Caroline made her annual trip down from West Virgina & watched the girls on Valentine's Day so Ray & I could go out to Barnes & Noble. Kate was Caroline's date.

Adam was born!!!

We took advantage of our work perks for a free stay at a Disney resort . It was wonderful to get away & my parents kept the girls for one night so Ray & I could have some time alone. We split this amazing Sundae from Ghiradelli, Addison actually liked the skeleton pirate & Ray & the girls enjoyed "jumping beds!"

Blog friend, Monica, came down from Indiana & she & my mom came to see me!


We began to greatly enjoy our newly purchased van!

Jen & I met up at IKEA with our kids (I miss them!)

We enjoyed some lovely weather at the park

Stephen came from Minnesota for a visit

My GQ man & I went on a date to Five Guys & then he modeled for me at Express


Sisterly love

Easter with my family in Orlando

More crafting

A gathering of old friends

We bought passes to Busch Gardens

Addison went on a date with her daddy


We finished our two-week vacation to visit family in Kentucky & Tennessee. We met our new niece, Audrey, spent time in the country at my grandmothers' and I got to see Monica again! (among many other things)

Ray & I celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary

Some of my girlfriends & I celebrated the upcoming arrival of Clay!


Redneck "pool!" The kids still had fun.

Almost time...

Kate & I went to Busch Gardens with Erin & Claire.

Ed, Sarah & fam stayed with us for a few days.

Clay arrived!

The girls meeting their brother for the first time.

We celebrated Jens' birthday with a surprise party.


We celebrated the Fourth the July with my parents in Orlando

We dressed as cows with Erin & Claire for Cow Appreciation day at Chickfila.

I painted the guest bathroom. And fell off the ladder. Spilling half a quart of paint.

We made a day trip to Lithia Springs!

I started to purge the kitchen.

We made another day trip to Tarpon Springs where Clay had his first visit to the beach!


We had my six-week post-partum check-up.

We ran into Rach & fam on a trip to IKEA!

Clay ad his first bottle.

We had another girls night out to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Erins' baby.

Addison began ballet & tap lessons & Kate began gymnastics!

Ray found out he got a job with the city! Before he started we left for another two-week vacation, this time to visit friends!


We had an amazing time visiting friends up north, visiting vineyards & going apple picking.

The guys went out to "the island" so the girls had a day out! Pedicures, shopping, lunch, fun!

Clay slept a lot


I planned a surprise family day out.

I redecorated the family room.

Kate potty trained

We said goodbye to our dear friend, Todd.

I threw a surprise "mommy" shower for Megan.

Ray & I were Chuck & Sarah for Halloween.


Ray surprised me with flowers!

Ray took the girls to Busch Gardens

We had another mommy shower, this one for Briana!

Clay & Dolan met. They were fast friends.

Ray & I saw Harry Potter in IMAX

We spent Thanksgiving in Orlando.

We picked out our Christmas tree.

Addison turned four!


We had a princess birthday party for the girls.

Kate turned two!

I met another blog friend, GFF, in person!

We had a baby shower for Megan.

Addison had her first dance recital.

Addison was also an angel in our Christmas play.

Clay turned six-months-old!

My parents came for Christmas & we ate a lot!

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