Thursday, January 06, 2011

A day with Mom!

My dad is in Kentucky right now so my mom came over late Tuesday morning for a quick but, fun visit. She arrived & we went to Target. First stop: Starbucks. The girls & I all had gift cards (yes, even the girls!) so they each bought their own oatmeal & I bought a coffee.

We had fun walking all over the store & my mom bought a Valentine Cookie decorating kit for the girls. It was a BIG hit! (& those little sweet tart candies were good!)

We also had a dance party!

My bought she & I Five Guys for lunch. It was excellent - aside from the bone fragments in our burgers:

I called the store & they have excellent customer service. I'm to bring the pieces of bone in & they'll trace the batch of meat back to the manufacturer. They're also giving us free burgers, fries & drinks! I'm waiting awhile to get them so that they'll have a new batch of meat.

Ray worked that night so after putting the kids to bed my mom & I went out to the mall. We love to shop - even just window show. My mom absolutely loved the glasses.

I channeled 80's Madonna.

We have a lot of fun together.

1 comment :

Tricia said...

I still love those glasses and really wish I had bought them.


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