Friday, January 07, 2011


We're planning a bit of a last-minute getaway. Ray has MLK day off so he thought it would be fun to go somewhere. He wants to take the kids. I don't. My mom offered to watch them & a woman at Ray's work told him:

"Ray, your wife is with the kids all day long. The last thing she wants is to take the kids with her on a trip where she's going to have to take care of them the whole time."

I think I need to bake that woman some cookies.

Anyway, because it is rather last-minute our employee rates have booked up at most locations so, ironically, it looks like we'll be staying at a property in Orlando, 4.2 miles from the house in which I grew up!

Ray's criteria is that he wants to be close to a Barnes & Noble (check). I just want to be able to sleep in & do NOTHING. (check) (thus my reason for a trip without the kids) Remember my Christmas list? Looks like some of it is coming true!

I've also had a gift card from Carrabbas just waiting to be used since last May. I'm hoping we can use that, too. Add on time alone with Ray, the free breakfasts at the hotel, cable, pool...I can't wait!


Morgan said...

Sounds perfect! We're going on a little getaway in a few weeks. It's just one night away, but I am SO looking forward to it!

Rachel said...

Yay!!! Oh Jess, i am so happy for you! You two need this! I'm so glad its all coming together. Love you!!

Lisa said...

Enjoy it! :D

Jessica said...

Have fun, Morgan!

Thanks, Rach & Lisa, I'm really giddy with excitement!


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