Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another weekend gone...

The weekend does go by way too fast. I'm sure part of it is because of our work with Hilton our weekend only spans from when we wake up Saturday morning until we start work again at 6pm.

Anyway, yesterday morning Ray was out the door to the men's prayer breakfast before the girls were awake & we were outside playing to welcome him home. The girls played with chalk & then came out of the garage with some random golf balls & tossing them around. It was only later that I discovered these were not random golf balls but a bucket of golf balls belonging to Ray. oops Oh well, the girls had a lot of fun bouncing those things all over the driveway (I think they may've had more fun watching me chase after them in the street).

Ray arrived home bearing gifts - lots of little boxes of what he calls "fun" cereal.Things like Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks & so on. They were all pretty happy.

Totally random, doesn't Clay remind you of Jabba the Hut in this photo?

Ray spent this afternoon after church working & I spent the afternoon cleaning. My mom is coming tomorrow & I'm SOOOOO excited! We've been trying to plan this for a couple of weeks but she's been sick. So, the plan is for her to come tomorrow & for us to hang out & then she'll take Addison home with her until Friday!

Because I want to be able to have fun while my mom is here I've been trying to get the place as clean as possible in the little amount of time I have available.

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