Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clay become so bored while I was giving the girls a bath tonight that he decided to glean some fashion tips from Zooey Deschanel. He seemed happy about it! Or, he just liked the way the paper crinkled. Whatever.

The kids & I have all had some form of illness over the past week. Taking care of sick kids wears me out even more than normal care of kids. Naturally if I'm not well it's a bit worse. When Clay was sick last week I completely fell behind on housework. Saturday was crazy busy & in the middle of the night Saturday Addison woke up around 2am complaining that she didn't feel good. I think her fever was only around 102 degrees & by morning it was mostly gone. I kept her home from church and she went about the rest of the day fairly normal, but, by bedtime her fever was up to 102.8. Kate also woke up with a fever Monday morning, but, hers are always much milder. Addison always gets a high fever so it was par for the course when it went to 104.

The kids are mostly on the mend, aside from severe whininess and a quick bout of vomiting by Addison this morning. I, however, began getting toothaches last week and worried something was wrong with my teeth. Until I realized my sinuses were a bit achy, too. I was too preoccupied taking care of everyone else that it wasn't until yesterday that I "remembered" about the possible sinus infection & decided to try the neti pot. I haven't been at all congested but I couldn't get the neti pot to work at all because my sinuses ARE congested.

I've been treating my sinus infection naturally since yesterday & I'm really hoping for some relief soon. All of the pressure and achiness is getting to me. It's in my cheek, around my eye & down my neck. And, my teeth still ache.

Thankfully, I had much more energy today and was able to make a good dent on the house which definitely improves my overall demeanor!

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