Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's All About Stripes

I had high hopes for my first outfit post to have a little more "oomph" to it. Unfortunately, I was only able to get away with one mediocre photo. I couldn't find the tripod which meant I couldn't find a way to get a decent full body shot.

Shirt: PacSun; Jacket: ???-it was a gift, possibly from COSTCO!; Necklace and Headband: Forever 21; Jeans and  Flip Flops: Target

Now that we're all on the mend and going out again and actually wearing decent outfits I'm hoping to do another outfit post soon - after I find the tripod!


Tricia said...

Yes, it was $25 from Costco. A month earlier I bought the same jacket in green for $50 at Dilliards. I still wish I'd picked a brown one up for me when I bought yours.

Morgan said...

You are SO pretty! I love the outfit. Stripes are my favorite!

Jessica said...

Still love the jacket, Mom, & I still get compliments on it!

Morgan, you're so sweet, when I see this picture I really don't feel "pretty." :)


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