Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Surgery

This morning the kids & I went to All Children's Hospital across the bridge in St. Pete for a consult regarding Addison. About six-months ago I noticed a bulge on her left pelvic region.I thought it might be a hernia & took her to her pediatrician & they didn't think it was too serious; they said that it felt smooth like it was just weak muscles but not an actual hernia. They did recommend seeing a specialist to see if surgery was needed.

We waited until our insurance kicked in this year (yay!) & today we finally had the consult. It was a very quick check and an incredibly kind doctor. (Plus, he just happens to have a four-year-old daughter as well & was able to converse in princess language.)

After looking Addison over he said, "She has a hernia so we need to schedule surgery." So, April 13th we plan to go back to the hospital to get the hernia corrected. It seems to me that sometimes there's a smaller bulge on her right side & the doctor said that before he repairs the left side he'll take a little camera & look at the other side; if it needs repaired he'll go ahead & do it at the same time.

Addison will be under for the surgery, but, it's out-patient & should only take an hour to an hour & a half. The surgeon told me that it's not too bad & he'll only be sending her home on tylenol & she'll probably feel like running around but we need to keep her inactive for a week. That's going to be difficult!

Addison doesn't get what's going to happen (not that I've really explained it to her yet) & to me the worst part is knowing she may be a little scared when the day comes.

I'll keep everyone updated once the 13th rolls around & prayers are appreciated!

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Erin said...

I'm sorry that Addison has to have surgery :(

All Children's is a great hospital, though, and one of my best friends works there. I'll be praying for both of you!


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