Monday, March 21, 2011

Nine Months

Clay is nine months old today and still super mellow. So mellow that he still doesn't push himself into a sitting position, he doesn't get up on all fours, he doesn't army crawl, nor does he hold himself in a standing position. I might be a tad concerned, but, the girls also took their time in the physical department. Plus, I'm already chasing the girls, I'm fine waiting a little longer before adding Clay into that mix!

He's not completely immobile, Clay does scoot himself around a little wherever I set him down, moving himself around in circles. Also, if I sit him up he can sit there for awhile by himself. Clay also waves & sometimes tries to clap. He doesn't do any sign language, but, that could have something to do with the fact that I've completely slacked on teaching it to him!

He's still so sweet. I've heard from others that their boys who were mellow like this "changed" once they turned a year old, so, I'm bracing myself for that possibility (but hoping it won't come true for Clay!).

The boy does like to eat & likes most everything he's tried. He only has six teeth, two on the bottom front & four on the top front so he hasn't tried anything to hearty, yet. Mostly he still just nurses, though.

Overall Clay is still a good sleeper, a little fussy & up at night when he has teeth coming in or when he had a cold two weeks ago. Due to our work schedules the poor kid gets nursed around 5:30 in the afternoon & is put to bed around 6! It's simply easier to put him to bed early rather than having to use a huge chunk of my break early on in the night to nurse him. Of course, that means he completes the 11-12 hour sleep cycle just a few hours after I go to bed. For me it still works: I pull him into our bed & doze off while nursing him & when he's done I put him back to his bed. I don't know how long it takes him to fall back asleep but I usually go back to my bed for a few more hours. Some nights he does really well & will sleep until 6/7 something in the morning which is quite helpful!

I can't quite believe Clay is nine-months-old already, the time flown by and at the same time it feels completely suitable that nine months has passed. Knowing he may be my last is a little bittersweet (but, I still hold out hope we'll have at least one more!) and I'm thankful that I feel that I've really been able to enjoy Clays' baby time.

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Caroline said...

I can't freaking wait to see you guys in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!


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