Thursday, March 24, 2011

Refashion and Happy Little Things

The stripe shirt I wore in the outfit post last week came from Pacific Sunwear. I never shop there. Never. In my mind it's one of those "not-my-style" stores that I always bypass on my way to Express. However, when my quest to find a cute but very inexpensive striped shirt was failing I started going into every little store along the path to Express. When I walked into PacSun it smelled like camp. At least it reminded me of camp as that's the one store that we'd go into on our staff night out at the mall during my summers spent working at camp. I don't know that I'd been in one since.

I also realized that shopping in PacSun makes me want to watch coming-of-age teen movies and enjoy a Spring Break as many of the employees at the store are high school males who look like surfers straight out of said movies.

Anyway, back to the shirt. All of the redlined clearance items were an additional 50% off which made this little number a mere $3.50.

For that price I bought it without trying it on & when I got it home I cut off those dark strips of fabrics at the shoulders as even Addison agreed that they didn't look very good.

Unfortunately, I started rushing & cut a couple little holes in the shirt, but, being the crafty person I am I had some wash-proof fray-stop to apply to the holes & I think it'll work. I do think the shirt looks much better without that fabric there, don't you?

Tonight I went out to the mall & picked up these little necklaces to put in the girls' Easter baskets. For whatever reason they both adore cupcakes (go figure!) and these necklaces were only $1.50 each. I'm sure they'll love them! And, for that price, if anything happens to them at least I won't be devastated.

After getting home I went in & snuck this photo of Clay sleeping:

When I went in & looked at Kate she had stripped down to her birthday suit, much to inappropriate for a photo.

(Pardon the horrible quality of the photos, it was much too dark for me to get good shots!)


Amy said...

When I was in high school I worked at the Pacific Sunwear at the Fashion Square in Orlando!! Love the necklaces for the girls--Ally has a thing for cupcakes, too!

Jessica said...

That's so funny, Amy, we used to go to Fashion Square all of the time! I'm sure we probably walked right by you!


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