Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Big Day

I was unable to get Addison to wake up to eat last night but she did really well not eating this morning. She was allowed to have things like jello & clear liquids. I don't know that she'd ever had jello, but, we took our morning coffee trip to target & bought her a six-pack. She thought it was a liquid & tried to drink it; my mom had to convince her to eat it with a spoon.

I left Kate & Clay with my mom while Addison & I went to pick up Ray at work. We made it to the hospital before our scheduled 12:!5 time. Addison read her magazine while waiting. Ever so ladylike (other than the unladylike times when she lifts her dress to high above her head!).

The hospital was incredibly prompt & I really love how wonderful the nurses are with the kids. Addison became nervous & jumped towards me when they wheeled a cart with some equipment over so they used all of them on Ray & I first.

Addisons' excellent surgeon, Dr. Danielson. As he put it, he gave us a souvenir of the most expensive pen we'll ever own - the pen he used to mark the side of her body she'd be operating on. Because it touched Addisons' skin they're unable to use the marker again.

Waiting...watching tv & waiting...

Being wheeled back to surgery, 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. (yay!) Addison was on top of the world, they pretended she was a princess & had her wave to people. Addison so loved it that she barely hugged us when we parted ways.

Just 50 minutes later the doctor was meeting with us letting us know how everything went. The surgery was not able to be done laparoscopically and after the incision on the left side the surgeon inserted a little camera & found that the ride side needed repaired, too. She fell into the 10% of people with a double hernia.

After meeting with the doctor it was over an hour before Addison was wheeled into recovery & we were able to see her. See? Lady-like even when drugged up.

The morphine really didn't sit well with the poor girl. She threw up - a lot. She had to take more anti-nausea medicine before we could leave & she still threw up three more times. We finally got out of there around 6:45. She was excited to ride in a wheelchair like Ruthie!

I was so glad to make it home. My body was very tired. I could tell so many people were praying, I felt very calm & had peace, but, my body could still feel the anxiety. Plus, eating was sparse today - I barely had any breakfast this morning & then didn't get to eat lunch until 1:45 when Addison was in surgery.

She's now recovering pretty well at home & gets to sleep in our bed with us tonight - special for her & easier for me to be there if she needs me!


Megan said...

Impressed once again that you already have photos up from today! Thanks for documenting the day for all of us that couldn't be there :)

Lisa said...

Good to see she's doing ok. And, so impressed you were able to remain calm. :)

amy said...

Please let Addison know that we're thinking about her and will hopefully see her soon! Jess has Spring Break the week after Easter. Maybe you guys could come visit us!!

aliann said...

So glad it went well and so glad it's over. Emmaline had a minor surgery when she was three and though it was a simple procedure, it's just stressful.
So grateful for the Lord's peace.


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