Saturday, April 02, 2011

Giddy, giddy!

I'm working right now, two hours into my six-hour shift - and, then, a week off! I'm incredibly excited. Fun things are coinciding with this week off:

1. Caroline is coming into town on Monday for her annual visit. It was the week Ray & I had already planned to take off so it works out perfectly! Caroline & I will be able to go out at night & Ray will be able to watch the kids.

2.On Wednesday I'm driving Caroline to Orlando for a conference she's attending & we'll visit with my family for the day.

3. On Friday, Ray, the kids and I will drive down to Ft. Meyers for a weekend getaway. We're ALL looking forward to that. Multiple times throughout the day Addison will comment, "I'm so happy we're going on vacation, Mommy," or, "I can't wait to go to the hotel!"

4. Little things, such as Rays' dad taking Addison to the baseball game tomorrow afternoon, meaning that for our first Sunday afternoon that we won't be working it will be even more relaxed only having two kids in the house. I'm ecstatic to have time to do things such as cleaning, sewing, cooking, spending time together, etc. since we won't be working in the afternoon! Do you know how nice that is?!? I really can't express just how much it excites me to have this time!

We've had beautiful weather the past two days. It's been so nice that you really would never believe the doom & gloom that haunted us just on Thursday. The skies have been so clear - I've actually repeatedly gone outside to see if I could find any clouds - I finally found three teeny tiny clouds in the sky this afternoon. See how sunny & clear it's been lately?

Yesterday afternoon my dad filmed an Internet spokesman spot close to our place so he stopped by for a visit afterwards. I had a massive sinus headache so, not only did my dad play with the kids, he also gave me advil (I was out), gave me a massage & watched the kids so I could take a nice hot shower!

This morning Addison had another soccer "game." The poor girl is so completely lost. I find that to be completely understandable given the fact that she's 4 (even if the other kids out there her age are doing better!) and the fact that she's my kid. I've always dreaded team sports in general, that was one of my least favorite parts about training camp. I mean, seriously, talk about torturing a girl. At least Addison is enjoying herself & she still has plenty of time to improve.

And, our girl, Kate, silly as ever!

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