Sunday, April 03, 2011

It was a good great day!

Our first day off this week was every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped. There were times when I felt like, "Oh, better hurry, got to start work soon," before remembering that we had the day off! After two years, it's a strange feeling.

Addison went to the baseball game with Rays' dad so while Kate & Clay napped Ray & I worked on the house. I also went out to the store & found a $20 bill on the ground!!! Made my day! (on top of everything else!)

After the kids woke up the four of use went to home depot to pick up some things and wander around the garden center.

I didn't go to church this evening because I had to be home when Addison was dropped off, so, I utilized the extra time to clean & clean! Love it. I was able to vacuum, mop, do all of the laundry (even some rugs), change sheets and make a key lime pie, among other things.

It was also another gorgeous day:

Kate wanted to take a picture of Clay:

And, Addison came home in the best of moods. She was so sweet the entire evening & kept making up songs about me!


Morgan said...

Ohmygoodness, that video is too precious. I love it!

So glad you enjoyed your day off!

Tricia said...

Hmmmm, You think she likes candy?
(She reminded me of Buddy the Elf, singing.)


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