Saturday, April 16, 2011

Missing Kate

So, you know how it is when you have kids who keep you busy all day long & you keep thinking how nice it would be to have a break? I know I feel that way, many times.

Since my mom took Kate home with her so that it would be easier for me to care for Addison in recovery (Kate & Addison are at the primo age for picking at each other & instigating things) there's been more down time. I know part of the time I was exhausted & just needed to rest but, I felt pretty good today.

I found plenty of things to do & I have lots that always needs to be done, but, I realized how much I've adjusted to having three little ones in the house. With only the two it threw everything off for me. The house was quieter, calmer & we weren't running on the same schedule as our normal days (again, partly due to Addison being in recovery). I found myself a bit in wandering mode, trying to figure out exactly what to do next. It was weird. I feel that I should've been able to do more with that time, I'm just not used to having that much time to accomplish things anymore and didn't manage it well.

Anyway, we're all kind of missing Kate & Kate is missing home. We video chatted three times today.

Last week she set up her doll in her chair with the "laptop." I thought it was so cute that I took a picture of it. Kate liked that I took a picture so she got in the chair so that I'd take a picture of her.

The plan is to meet my parents halfway between our place & theirs after church tomorrow & bring Kate back home.

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