Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outfit Post

The Florida days are progressively growing hotter; even though we're still in April summer has begun & I'm drawn towards dresses now. I used to abhor dresses. This goes back to a childhood situation which really scarred me from the desire to wear dresses for many years. I'm glad I got over that & now I can't seem to get enough - I've bought five dresses already this year!

(Dress: Thrifted-H&M; Shirt: New York & Co; Belt: Charlotte Russe; Flip flops & necklace: Target)


Tricia said...

Cute outfit! Love Addison peeking out of the door :)

amy said...

You were beautiful today, as always!! Great find on the super-cute dress! I want to go shopping with you one of these days.


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