Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ray & I tried Ben & Jerry's Bonnaroo Buzz. It was good, but, it doesn't come close to replacing my favorite, half-baked. Ray deemed the candy pieces too big & very sweet.

Addison received a clean bill of health from the surgeon & is allowed to resume all normal activity. She will finally get her wish to go to the pool. Our drive to the surgeon took an hour & twenty minutes today (traffic accident). We were late, but, they saw us right away & it took the doctor all of a few seconds to look at Addison & say that everything looked fine. I'm glad everything was fine, I just felt like I earned more information with all of that - I spent more time getting the kids in & out of the car then I did seeing the doctor! Seriously, though, it was a good visit & I still love this surgeon, he did a fabulous job & has an excellent bedside manner, especially with the kids.

An old friend, Meredith, came into town today for a wedding this weekend. I haven't seen Meredith since she flew in for our wedding almost nine years ago! She brought her youngest sister with her this time & they'll be staying with us until Saturday. I warned them today that I get up at 6 every morning to exercise & that I also planned to be one of the crazy people getting up to watch the royal wedding on Friday morning (don't judge!) & they said they'd watch it with me! We can have scones & tea together, it'll be fun!

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