Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
~Matthew 28:5-6

This morning Addison woke up before the rest of us, climbed into our bed & told me she was "so excited for Easter!"

"I know, we're celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead!"

"Mommy, last night I dreamt that Jesus rose from the dead!"

After cuddling in bed a little longer we got Kate up, too, & let the girls get the Easter baskets. There was very little candy in them, but, the plastic egg in their baskets each had three mini reeses cups. Kate was so excited that she peeled the foil off & then took a bite - without taking off the paper! Yum.

After the morning meetings we drove to Rays' dads' place. This wasn't for Easter, but, it was for his dads' birthday. The whole family was already going to be there so he decided it would be easier to arrange for everyone to only get together once instead of two separate occasions. Turns out, they did a late birthday celebrations for the girls, too! The also had an egg hunt before the meal.

I'd also like to update the family photos on the wall so I took advantage of everyone being together (including the grandfather who lives in TN!) & was able to snap a family photo of his dads' side.

Four generations of guys

My handsome men

We were also able to take a few fairly decent photos of our little family. I was pretty pleased with how the girls dresses turned out (&, I love Clays' little tie! - even if it is crooked!).

I like the "out take" photos

After that we drove to spend the rest of Easter with Rays' moms' side of the family. I made a yummy salad & these cute little chocolate & coconut "birds nests."

Clay & Grandma

We also hunted eggs again - these were winners, they had quarters inside!

They hid one of the eggs in Clays' pants...he doesn't look too amused.

At the end of the evening we rushed home so I could start work at 8:00. I knew I had to work tonight, but, I didn't realize I was working until 11:30!

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