Friday, May 27, 2011

Compact Boy

We had Clay's well-baby visit on Tuesday & got the measurements on the little guy.

Length: 29 inches (10%)
Weight: 18lbs 1.5 oz. (3%)

For an overall average of the fourth percentile! Ha, he's so little! For comparison my 4-month-old nephew, Oliver, is 17 lbs! (of course, his mother is around 5'10" & his father is well over 6 feet tall)

I wasn't so concerned about his size, I was more interested in finding out about his motor/physical skills.

Clay is over 11 months and he does NOT:

-pull himself to stand
-push himself into a sitting position
-take steps

Just two weeks ago he started a bit of army crawling. It's kind of sad though-the right arm is in normal crawling form but the left is curled under his body. He doesn't even really use his legs, they're like dead weights. This past Sunday I finally saw him get onto all fours (very very briefly).

So, yeah, just concerned enough to get things checked out.

The thing the doctor is most concerned about is that when I hold Clay to stand he won't really plant his right foot & instead curls it under. He fussed when we tried to straighten it out.

So, we have an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist in a week & a half & depending on what he says possible physical therapy & occupational therapy. I'm not real worried about it, I'm just glad we're getting things checked out in case it is something more serious.

Here's a photo of the little guy from yesterday - we had to go to the store after the girls dance & gym classes & Clay was so tired he fell asleep sitting up in the stroller holding onto the tray with his head leaning against it - one lady thought he was a toy doll!

We also have an appointment for him to see an ENT in about 2.5 weeks with regards to an actual hole in the upper part of his ear. It around the cartilage area towards the front of his ear but it's not like a hole through his ear, it's part that is against his head. It's actually very difficult to see & is most likely a type of defect from birth. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be affecting Clay, but, we're going to get it checked out.


Lisa said...

Your Clay is pretty much the same size as our B - though he is a few oz heavier. :) As for the curled foot, our E had both feet curled till she was 12-months, we had to do little movement exercises with them, and use shoes on the wrong feet, to help straighten them out. And once she did start putting lots more weight on them, they were fine.

It's hard not to worry though! I worry about B - she's nowhere near walking or talking - we have her 12-month check on June 13, so we'll see.

Hope Clay's ear is ok.

hilltopper said...

hope its and easy fix and so glad you were able to notice it early.

its hard to believe he is almost 1!

Tricia said...

I want to kiss the back of that sweet neck.

Kimberly said...

Nathan was our easy going baby and he was late at doing everything too. Jake and I were always doing things for him, and he was always just fine with observing. Guess what, he still is. So don't worry too much, something will catch his eye one of these days and he will be across the floor in no time flat. :)


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