Thursday, May 26, 2011


My seasonal allergies have really become noticeable over the past few years. The past week or so I've been so itchy, it's driving me crazy. The poor kids seem to have it, too, only their visible sign is a drippy nose. Which, of course, makes it look like they all have colds. At first I thought they might, too, but, the drippiness began 2-3 weeks ago with zero other symptoms or changes.


Perhaps going out-of-state will help. Not that leaving is a very feasible option, but, that's just what I plan to do in July! Last week I bought my place ticket to fly up to Philly from July 16-23, a FULL WEEK! I'm ecstatic! I've been saving up my money: bonus, ebay sales, etc. in order to make this trip.

The girls will stay home with Ray & my mom while Clay will come with me. My first stop will be to spend a couple of days with Jen & her family & then I'm going down to Ruths' for the rest of the stay.

I can't wait. This has been in the works since around Christmas & I finally saved enough to make it happen! Another bonus: this was Ray's idea. Hurray for wonderful husbands!

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Tricia said...

We need a family compound on the beach.


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