Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pool Time

This morning I took the kids to the pool again. They LOVE the pool. We have to drive by it every time we enter or leave our community. And, every time, I hear the girls yell,


So, they're always ecstatic when we take them to the pool. We went last Wednesday, too. Last week Clay & I got in the pool; this week, we opted to watch from the sidelines (we were only there for about thirty minutes anyway).

Look at that cute little guy! I just love the grin on his face.

While it looks like Clay is working on his modeling skills, he was really just wanting to get the hat off of his head.

I do believe you could call this a "happy place" for Addison.

The lady in the background apparently comes here every morning-and, was indeed here at the same time as us last week. She swims & then she suns. Kate noticed this both times we saw the lady & decided she needed to see what this sunning business was about (it didn't last long).

After the pool it was a frozen pizza picnic in the family room and naps for the youngest, rest time for Addison & laundry folding time for me!

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