Friday, May 13, 2011

Home, Sweet Home!

I'm so glad to be home now! I'm exhausted & my entire body aches. I think it was the six hours of near constant sitting in uncomfortable church pews for the past three days. Well worth it, though!

I think I'm on information overload but I'm also excited! We had to do some lesson planning for the coming year while we were in training at the conference so now I'm really starting to feel ready. I wish I had some way to attend again closer to our start date so that I can have this same "ready" feeling in the Fall!

For anyone who may be thinking of attending a practicum (you know who you are) but may not be able to make the entire three days, I'd definitely recommend day one & after that, day two. We received good information today but it was more of a wrap-up & I noticed I didn't take as many notes today (it could've been the overload setting in). The mornings seem to be when the bulk of the really pertinent information is given for everyone. Plus, the practicum is free, so, attend if you're curious & want more info!

I started buying some of my curriculum yesterday, too! Yay! It makes things so much more "real." I bought what I could on amazon (just $32 for four of the books!) & bought some curriculum that can only be purchased through Classical Conversations at the conference today.

I made it home with the kids close to 8 this evening. Now, I'm "watching" some kind of documentary set in Alaska with Ray. I think this is the appropriate time to fall asleep on the couch.

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