Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Inns on Great George

One of my favorite places that we stayed at on our honeymoon were the Inns on Great George in Prince Edward Island. Have you ever been to Prince Edward Island? It's absolutely beautiful.

Great George was a beautiful place to stay, too; I'm sure the fact that out of our two week honeymoon it was one of only two places in which we stayed consecutive nights (we drove around a LOT on our honeymoon - even spent a couple of nights on a ferry in order to make it up to Newfoundland. It was fun getting to see so many places, but, I really enjoyed staying in one place for awhile.

We stayed in one of the "romantic hideaway suites." It was so nice. It was two levels, a faux fireplace downstairs & a jacuzzi tub upstairs. This is the room that we stayed in while we were there:

There was an absolutely delicious breakfast in the morning, which I would bring back to our room for us. The package we booked also included vouchers for local restaurants - the whole not booking everything in advance thing did land us some great deals along the way!

This is the one place that we went that I always wish we could go back to one day. You know, ten years is coming up...

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