Friday, May 06, 2011


I started noticing these Magnum ice cream bars in the store recently & I've really been wanting to try them. From my understanding they're the European equivalent to the Dove bar. Yummy.

I found a store coupon & a manufacturers coupon today which brought the box of three down to $1.29. I also discovered that Target sells the individual bars for $1.50. Has anyone else tried these yet?

Clay is doing a bit better today. His fever topped out at 103 again but overall it's been lower than yesterday. Because he's still sick I'm keeping Clay home tomorrow while Ray takes the girls out to meet friends at the lake. Looks like I'll have lots of time to get stuff done tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Ooohh Magnums! We have these over here. When I was pregnant with E, I ate boxes on boxes of them. They come in all sorts of flavours too:)

Jessica said...

That's so neat! I think I saw they had 6 different flavors, the chocolate on chocolate was really good! said...

That looks sooo good. I've really started missing dairy the past few days. Currently craving pizza and frozen gold soft serve. MMMMMM.


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