Saturday, May 07, 2011


Today we were supposed to all go to the lake with a bunch of friends together. Because Clay is on the tail-end of whatever was ailing him I didn't want to take him around everybody just in case he was still contagious.

So, after Addisons' last soccer game of the season, Ray & the girls headed to the lake while I stayed home with Clay. It was actually really nice, I was able to get so much done! I felt really good about it when the day was over.

It was nothing huge, but, lots of little things. Little things that took all day, which, kind of bummed me out because these are things that always seem to need to get done, but, it's very difficult to find the time with the kids around. So, it really bummed me out when it took so long for me to finish everything WITHOUT all of the kids around. I guess it helps me to see why these things almost never seem to get crossed off of the "to do" list every other day of the week.

Some of the exciting things I did this afternoon:

-Organized the master room & cleaned out the nitty gritty little areas
-Sorted through the girls shoes, putting away too small shoes & finding the correct sizes
-Went through the VHS tapes & DVDs, getting rid of the ones we don't need & finding the cases for the many tapes Addison takes out & doesn't put away
-cleaned the grout behind the kitchen sink
-wrote some letters
-sorted through baby clothes

See? Not really that much stuff, yet, it took hours. Without much kid interruption. there's still a loooot that needs done, too. Not too mention all of the regular stuff like cleaning the bathrooms & floors.

I still felt super accomplished about it all tonight. I think with another day or two with that kind of time I could get a lot knocked off of my to-do list!

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