Monday, May 09, 2011

My Day

Yesterday was pretty much everything I could've hoped for on Mother's Day. It's funny how nice things are when you don't build up expectations for something. Not that Ray doesn't make these kinds of days special, I think I just usually build up too much in the expectations department & compare my life to others.

Yesterday I did nothing of the sort & it was very nice. Ray asked if there was anything I wanted to do yesterday but that he had some ideas. Turns out he had one fabulous idea: to go out for a meal for each kid we have. Great idea, don't you think??

So, for breakfast we went to First Watch. I love First Watch but tried so,ething new this time: The Bacado. An omelette with bacon, avocado & monterey jack cheese, topped with sour cream. It sounded so good. And, it wasn't bad, it was just a little flavorless. There was barely any avocado in it & I think it could've used a sharper cheese (time to make one at home, I think!).

Clay & Kate at breakfast

After breakfast we left for church and I was actually able to stay in for the entire first meeting! Usually my chemical/perfume allergies get the best of me & I have to leave that meeting (it's always worst for me first thing in the morning when everyone has freshly applied their products).

Normally we do pizza for lunch but, having the "power" yesterday I opted for subs. WE actually fed the kids leftovers & Ray & I split most delicious Publix sub. They really do make the best subs. The only place I've been to that comes close to comparing with the goodness of a sandwich is Potbelly, which they have yet to open this far south.

Now, as far as a gift, I was unintentionally given the wonderful gift of a bit of time when Ray took the girls & went with his mom to the beach for the afternoon. I know, ironic that it was nice to spend Mother's Day away from the kids, but, I think it's this time of my life. I spend every say with them, nearly every waking moment. So, a little break is nice.

I also received a Starbucks gift card (um, what else would I get??). I knew to expect it as throughout the week my mom kept prompting Addison to "remind daddy that Sunday is Mother's Day & you need to buy mommy a gift card." Plus, when we were in the van on Saturday Addison yelled up to the front, "Daddy! Did you tell mommy about the gift card we bought her?" She doesn't quite have the element of surprise down yet.

The girls coloring my card (envelope included! - picture by Ray)

While we didn't do our third meal out, I was completely fine with that as eating so well earlier in the day filled me up - plus, I got my 1/2 price frappuccino in the afternoon!. I made a nice salad for dinner & Ray didn't get home with the girls until almost 8:00.

Me & the kids on my fifth Mother's Day

The day was lovely & a nice mix spent with my family & a little time alone.

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amy said...

Super day!! I want you to make me that omelette!! Great pic of you and your sweeties.


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