Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The kids & I drove to Orlando today so that I can attend a Classical Conversation practicum over here.

Since I'm going to tutor I'm required to attend the tutor training at a practicum. There are several different locations (none local) so my choices were to either get a hotel for three nights, pay for the childcare for three days times three kids, plus meals. OR, I could attend the practicum in Orlando, stay with my parents & have my mom watch the kids.

So, we arrived today & my practicum will be Wednesday-Friday, 9-4 & my mom is going to watch the younger two while I take Addison with me so that she can attend the camp they're offering for her age. I think she'll have fun.

As soon as I arrived today I dropped off the girls with my mom & picked up Megan & Oliver & they came with Clay & I to visit Heather & her kids. We even got to meet almost-six-week-old Max. What a little cutie. Makes me want another baby even more!

I'm relying on Megan for photos since we have yet to replace our camera. Since we'll plan to have it for quite a few years I want to make sure we get a decent one!

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