Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Preschool Style

Yesterday was one busy day! I was so excited for the free summer movies to begin! Yesterday was the first day & I took the kids to see the movie Ramona & Beezus. What made it even better? My friend Amy met us at the theater with her two girls! Not only did it make it more fun but it also made things easier for me!

The kids had yummy snacks: popcorn, animal crackers & my girls were thrilled with the jelly beans Amy brought!

The kids all did great in the movie, even Clay! He was mesmerized by the big screen & just munched away on his animal crackers...until he fell asleep. This kid is still so mellow.

After the movie I took the kids to some stores on the hunt for some birthday supplies for Clay's party this weekend. After that I took the kids to lunch at First Watch. I received an e-mail for a free meal for my birthday so all I paid for was one kids meal that the girls shared! They loooove coloring. Place mats that you can color are even better!

After lunch we went to Target/Starbucks so that I could get my free birthday drink.

Knowing people at Starbucks has perks. Not just for me, but, also for the girls. They were treated to chocolate milks (after their free cookies from the bakery!)

Clay is still a little young for chocolate milk, but, he still received some love!

We finally went home for a short while & the kids got a quick nap before I took them to VBS. Even though Kate is too young for the program, she's completely enjoying herself in the nursery with her friends! (and, this girl loves her snacks!)

This is why I was so beat last night. I attempted to read but barely made it a past a few pages before I fell asleep!

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