Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Tired Night

Whew! These late nights at VBS are doing me in. Ray & I are alternating: one night he goes to VBS with the kids while I work until midnight & the next night we switch. The nights I go to VBS I'm really beat by the end of the night after being on my feet running around. I love VBS, though, & it's fun seeing my kids enjoy it now, too.

I've also been doing the last minute stuff for Clay's birthday party on Saturday. It's all really rather simple, I just like to take my time planning things out because I enjoy it.

Saturday night after the party different grandparents are going to watch the kids (the girls are spending the night at Ray's dads' house & my parents are staying the night & watching Clay at our place) so that Ray & I can go out for my birthday! I've had a Carrabbas gift card for over a year & I'm ready to use it!

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