Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Tonight was our last night of VBS for the year. I'm so glad my kids are able to go & enjoy it - I always loved VBS as a kid!

Kate found a little boy to flirt with the other night. She had no problem being the one to make the moves - we're going to have to watch out for her!

Addison making her craft

Her finished craft hanging up for all to see during parents night. (Her hand prints making an octopus & a fish - isn't that a cute idea?!?)


I heard reports that Addison was participating during the meeting & last night she told me, "I raised my hand & said 'dirt' & got candy." I don't know what question she was answering but I'm assuming she must've been right! I'm so pleased that she'll raise her hands to answer questions. I was so shy & nervous as a kid that my heart would pound if I ever even attempted to raise my hand to answer a question!

It was a fun but exhausting week!


HopiQ said...

You had Ken and Marty Miller! So fun! They were just here doing VBS with us last week. And I even know the question Addison answered: "What are we made of?" Ken is so good with the kids. I enjoyed them, too!

Tricia said...

My heart still pounds if I even think about having to answer a question. I'm so happy you were able to overcome your shyness.

Brewier said...

And I love to be in front of the camera and the center of attention.


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