Friday, June 10, 2011

It only took six years!

Our house is basically a long hallway. When you enter the house you see straight to the back to this garish sight:

That huge window with no window treatments. Those blinds have been such an eyesore. They don't even work properly; we pretty much keep them open all of the time, especially since we're on conservation there's no one living behind us to see inside at night. The few times we do close them there are huge gaps in the blinds.

I've always planned on putting up curtains & I planned to do it a looooong time ago!

Window treatments are expensive. I've slowly been putting up window treatments (some purchased at garage sales, some at Target, some gifted, some at IKEA). Now that we have IKEA so close by I've been able to move forward a little more quickly with the window treatments. They aren't exactly what I would've bought if I had my exact choosing, but, they're very economical & I'm much happier with them than I was with the broken blinds!

I put them up this afternoon & I kept waiting for Ray to notice when he got home. He finally said he liked them after about an hour; he also told me he'd noticed when he walked in but his mind was on other things & it just didn't process right away.

I'm just so glad to be rid of those blinds!

1 comment :

Vickie said...

I need to do that to my sliding doors. I have those mirrors in my dining room. I love Ikea too.


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