Thursday, June 09, 2011


I've never mentioned that I love IKEA, right? Oh, I have? Well, I still love it & I still have yet to spend as much time in there as I'd like! I'm also still pursuing my dream of one day going there without any kids.

Even with the kids, it's fun, just a bit more quick & stressful. Of course, one of their favorite parts (okay, mine too) is eating in the cafe. (Much cheaper than the restaurant!) We all have hot dogs, & share some chips & Pepsi. The best part is the end, of course: ICE CREAM!

Everyone is happy to be at IKEA

I even bought some stuff this time. It helped that I made some huge ebay sales today! Kate & I are both anxiously awaiting the day when she's big enough to go into the play area, too. Addison loves to go in there & I love the free 45 minutes of babysitting!

Eating makes Clay sleepy

Tonight Ray was scheduled to work and unfortunately the system has been down since around 5 this morning! That meant I wasn't able to build our schedules like we're supposed to do on Thursday mornings & it also meant that after Ray got home from his "regular" job with the city at 5:00 today he then had to drive across town to corporate headquarters & work his 6-midnight shift there tonight.

I'm scheduled to work 6-midnight tomorrow & I'm desperately hoping that the system is back up by then so I can work at home!


Moo said...

The kids are so cute! I love Ikea too! Audrey just got some toy storage and a dresser form there so she has a big girl room now :)

Vickie said...

Look all those happy smiling Ikean's


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