Wednesday, June 08, 2011

There's Nothing Wrong

So says the orthopedist.

I'm pretty sure he & the nurse both thought that we were over-paranoid parents. It didn't seem to make a difference that we were there because our pediatrician wanted us to go, we were the nut-jobs who were worried because our son wasn't walking yet (I kept stressing that wasn't the issue either).

Anyway, the orthopedist checked Clay all out, admitted Clay has some weird quirks, but, didn't see anything wrong with him.

The only thing he could imagine is cerebral palsy, which, isn't usually diagnosed this early & which the orthopedist doesn't think is the case (neither do I). His muscles are neither too rigid nor too floppy. The ortho just said that if Clay isn't walking by 18 months (which, he think he will be & so do I) to bring him back in.

The doctor didn't even think therapy was necessary. Ray & I are thinking of going back to the pediatrician to see what she thinks of the idea of therapy now that we've ruled out anything wrong with his bones.

It's funny, I was wanting to get good news at this appointment (which, I feel we did) but I was also kind of hoping for some answers. I believe the pediatrician may have also mentioned a possible neurological connection (I think that's more the case) which I suppose we need to ask her about next time, too.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter! My niece is 20 months and still doesn't walk. She can't even stand long enough to cruise around the furniture. The doctors here aren't concerned though, some children just take time!

Love following the day to day lives of your gorgeous family! Just wondered though just exactly your job with Hilton is? As far as I can tell you work weird hours from home, but what do you do?!

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to say, my niece does not crawl either!

Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting, saranissa, I love hearing from readers!

Oour job with Hilton is to make hotel reservations. What most people don't know is that when you call a hotel to make a reservation, many times they forward you on to a call center. And, those call centers have started letting their employees work at home! So, we work at night so that my husband can still go to his day job & I can still be with the kids during the day. :)


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