Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer Fun Has Begun!

My parents stayed the night on Sunday & spent part of the day with us on Monday. My Mom & I took the kids to Target in the morning for their promised oatmeals - they were all (especially Addison) not in a great mood that day & it wasn't a very pleasant trip. I was quite dad when my dad surprised us & showed up at the store & took Addison with him to look around.

The kids were also exhausted so we went back home, put the youngest down for their naps & Addison into rest time & my mom & I went out to the mall. Mom deemed it my birthday outing & bought me some sweet new necklaces, & (more) coffee with a key lime tart at Barnes & Noble (where we ran into Erin & her family!).

She also bought me a gorgeous maxi dress. Seriously beautiful. I also bought myself a new shirt - the same one my mom was wearing while we were shopping, actually, I love it!

Doesn't my mom look fabulous?

My parents left around 2:30 & Addison fell asleep a short time later. I think a lot of her bad mood was tiredness. Of course, then she wouldn't fall asleep until 11:30 last night.

Today, she was miss grumpy off & on again, but, I kept her awake & the kids & I all even went to the pool this afternoon. It was quite nice!

I finally put Addison to bed around...6:00. She was so beat that she fell asleep within minutes. Unfortunately, I think I made a little too much noise & she woke up 2 hours later. It's now almost 11 & she's wide awake again.

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hilltopper said...

your mom always looks fabulous when she goes out. its a given.
im glad you had a great "birthday"


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