Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

Addison loves weddings. Like mother, like daughter, right? (I had a subscription to a bridal magazine while I was still in high school)

Seriously, though, she loves them. She has a dress-up wedding dress, veil & shoes that she wears all around the house & pretends to get married. She also says that I'm her maid (as in maid-of-honor) & asks me all kinds of questions about my wedding:

How long was your train, mommy? Where are your flowers? Did you wear lipstick? Where did you put your purse? How did you sit with your train?

She's also asked me, Mommy, where is my husband?

She's also been begging me to see my wedding dress again (it had been awhile since I'd shown it to her) & today I finally relented & pulled it out of the closet.

Addison also asked if she could try it on.

She doesn't get much happier than this!

We may be in trouble when she's older & it really is time to plan her wedding!


villagegirl said...

That is so sweet!
Seeing as I only have boys, this will never happen in my house. :)
I will enjoy your pictures instead!

Amy said...

I should get mine out for Jossie and Bethany to try on! It's not like I fit into it anymore.... :(


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