Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Days

The kids & I have been keeping busy lately, especially with VBS & the party last week. Yesterday (was it only yesterday) we went to another summer movie & met Briana & her girls there. I brought the kids snacks & Briana treated us to some mocha coconut goodness!

This morning I took the kids to story time at the library & after naps we went to the park. We could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance & the dark skies began rolling in but the storm never reached us. Ray had to drive through it to get home, though.

Tomorrow morning gymnastics begins again. Addison has decided she no longer wants to do dance so she's switching to gymnastics. Unfortunately, this means her class is at a different time than Kate's so we'll be there twice as long as previously.

Yep, lots to keep us busy!

1 comment :

amy said...

Kate and Clay both look like such big kids this pic! Where do the girls go for dance/gym?


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