Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Day Getaway

*There were supposed to be a load of photos with this post, but, they won't all upload right now*

This afternoon we left for our grand trip to...Lake City, Fl!!! Yeehaw! This morning we had gym classes for both of the girls as well as free coffee coupons from Dunkin Donuts & free breakfast coupons for Chickfila. So, I started packing the van yesterday & the kids & I left the house at 8:45 this morning & got an early start to our vacation.

Look at those happy kids with their Chickfila!

After breakfast I took the kids to gym. Then we had to drive to the corporate office to pick up the paperwork we needed for our hotel stay. I also made a stop at the chiropractor. My back went out yesterday & I was in a lot of pain; pain that I didn't want to suffer through while we were away.

Around 1 we finally made it to IKEA! We all love going there & it's fun to do things with the kids that we all enjoy. Addison loves the play area, too. She met a little girl in there that she was hugging goodbye as she left. I then took the kids upstairs to the restaurant in order to feed them so they wouldn't get hungry on our drive & also in order to kill the rest of the time before we had to pick up Ray. The little girl Addison had been playing with ended up there, too, & when Addison saw her she asked me if she could go sit with her friend. It was so cute, they were sitting there just chatting away over their meals.

We picked up Ray from work & only had about a 2.5 hour drive to our hotel. It poured rain for part of our drive & we made it to our hotel right as it began to drop buckets! It finally let up & we went to dinner - our spurge: Sonny's. We had enough leftover to feed the girls lunch tomorrow!

Now, it's 9:45 & the kids are all worn out but still awake!

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