Friday, July 01, 2011

South Georgia

Since we're staying in North Florida this weekend we're just a few miles from the Georgia border - & loads of U-pick fruit farms!

This morning we left to spend the day a little further north - first Ray was scouting sites for his Suwannee trip coming up with some friends from work. This also included a stop by an info/visitor center for the river. It was pretty neat & we were the only people there. The girls had to use the bathroom but wouldn't go after discovering that these were "eco-friendly" toilets which meant they were dark holes down to the ground. That created a lot of fun cries of terror in the bathroom.

Kate did enjoy playing with the paraphernalia for sale

We did a lot of backroad driving before making it to the first farm to pick some blackberries. (just a note, if you're not along the interstate, the only place to eat for miles and MILES is a very busy Dairy Queen)

These were some of the largest blackberries I've ever seen & it was only $7 a gallon!

They aren't pesticide free but they hadn't been sprayed in several weeks. Good thing, because Kate would accumulate some berries in her basket & when we'd look later her basket was empty. She ate every one that she picked!

After the blackberries we drove further west to pick peaches. By the time we made it the U-pick was closed but they were selling peaches - 6 for $1!!! We bought $7 worth - 42 peaches! They're delicious!

By the time we made it back to our hotel it was 8:30. I settled Clay into bed while Ray took the girls to the pool. It's been such a fun day, but, I'm looking forward to relaxing in our room for a bit tomorrow!

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