Thursday, July 07, 2011


Aesthetics are incredibly important to me. Over the years the importance has grown and along with it so has my overall interest in aesthetics. Now when I see a space that really intrigues me visually I like to figure out why. Whether it's someone's home (which inspires me for my own space!) or a party (more inspiration!) I love figuring out where the details lie that make it so appealing to me.

Which brings me to the hotel we stayed at this past weekend. Whenever we use our hotel stays we typically stay at the property at the bottom of the food chain. We love them - they're not the resort properties, they're very standard but always come with two things we appreciate:

1. Free breakfast


2. Free Internet (usually free parking, too!)

Even though these are the hotel chains most basic properties (and some of them really leave a lot to be desired) we've found that overall they're quite nice! The president even stayed at the one we went to in New Hampshire during his campaign tour.

The property we stayed at last weekend was really quite nice. Clean quiet rooms & full of the "little details" that I like to inspect.

Things like mosaics on the elevator floor

And, these cool trash/recycle bins. I loved them!

My favorite place: 24-hour coffee

And, the breakfast area, my other favorite place

When we stay at a hotel I like to wake up before everyone else, sneak out of the room & go downstairs for a cup of coffee. See that big tv in the background of the photo? There's a sofa in front of it where I'd sit & read my book & watch the news. The most relaxing part of the trip!

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