Friday, July 15, 2011

Completely Beat!

Which is okay because I'll be on vacation at this time tomorrow. Forget at this time, I'll be gone in less than 12 hours!

It's been a hectic last two days at home. Ray had a big project due at work today so we divided up the last two nights of phone work between ourselves so that he'd have time for the project.

My mom is coming to watch the girls on Sunday so I've also been busy with "extra" cleaning - you know, things to help with the allergies. So, the comforters got washed along with the sheets, the floors are vacuumed & will be mopped after work tonight, the slip cover washed, etc.

Plus, the packing. The packing isn't really too bad & I was able to fit all of mine & Clay's stuff into one duffel bag - even his bed fit in there! I also had to pack the girls & Ray for a night away tomorrow. He's taking them to a bunch of springs & back to the hotel we stayed at a couple weeks ago for the night.

Errands have also made the "to-do" list as well as Clay's appointment for a hearing test this morning - all checks out fine! It only took about an hour but it was a bit of a long hour with cranky girls. Mostly Kate. She's dug deep within herself (ha!) to really act two lately. You know what I mean? Some days those kids just pull out all the stops & act out every cliché for their age.

As much as I can't wait for this next week, I know I'm going to really miss those girls!

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