Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Here!!!

Ray & the girls dropped Clay & I off at the airport just before 9 this morning. After checking my bag & making it through security I made a much needed stop for coffee (yes, I checked on the computer the night before to make sure each terminal had a Starbucks) & made it to the gate just after they began boarding the plane. It was completely filled with not a single empty seat - the Lord totally answered my desperate prayers that I wouldn't be near anyone wearing fragrance & I made it through the entire flight with zero breathing problems!

Before take off - Clay's first flight!

The little guy is such a trooper & was wonderful on the flight. He totally loved flirting with the teenage girl two seats away from us. He wasn't too interested in all of the beauty passing by out the window.

Jen & her kids picked us up at the airport. It was lunch time so we first stopped at a lovely little plaza full of wonderful restaurants - including a Potbelly!!! I've been craving their sandwiches lately & had even thought about them on the plane, wondering if they had shops in Philly. I didn't even mention this to Jen, she's the one who brought it up. I was really excited!

After a diaper stop at Target we went to Jen's place for the rest of the day. She & I finished the night with pizza, brownies & a movie - just like old times!

Gabe made it home from work around 10:45. One of his jobs is at Starbucks & when Gabe walked in the door he handed me a pound of coffee. Sweet!


Tricia said...

Gabes a good man :)

Anonymous said...

That little guy is the cutest thing ever.

Kathy C.


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