Sunday, July 24, 2011


Check it out! Talk about ending my vacation on a fun note - Ruth & I stopped at Trader Joe's Saturday morning (with our little boys) before my flight left. I had such fun - I would've bought a lot more if I had the space & could keep stuff cold enough!

I bought:
-two boxes of cocoa batons
-fruit flake snacks (for the kids)
-milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn
-vanilla Joe-Joe's
-chocolate covered chocolate chip dunkers (yummy in coffee!)
-two boxes of chocolate covered espresso beans (yes!)
-Pinachios (butter cookies with white chocolate & pistachios)
-Aioli garlic mustard (cannot wait to try this!)
-Mini Brie Bites (love these! Among the list of ingredients: Penicillium Candidum-"Harmless White Mold")
-LOTS of Chocolate!!! (Pound Plus dark chocolate, dark chocolate with caramel & black sea salt, milk chocolate truffle, individual dark chocoolate servings, dark chocolate lovers chocolate...)
-Pink Himalayan Sea salt Grinder (another yes!!)
-Sugar, chocolate and coffee bean grinder (seriously! I can't believe this wonderful contraption even exists!)

I now want a Trader Joe's near us even more. When I went grocery shopping at Super Target this afternoon they had organic cherries on sale. When I picked them up, they were Trader Joe's brand! So weird. They wouldn't ring up at the cash register & the cashier told me they've been getting the wrong shipments lately. So, apparently Trader Joe's can't get distribution to open a store in Florida but they can get their products accidentally sent to Target down here!

Another fun buy on the trip: presents for the girls. I wasn't sure what I was going to bring them, the girls would've been pleased with the snacks from the plane (if I hadn't eaten them!). Instead, when I was in New York City, I found these darling mini mugs in one of those crowded Times Square shops.

How cute are they??? I couldn't pass up buying the big mug for myself so we could all match!


Tricia said...

I bought the same chocolate bar as you; the one with the ship, (and the pound plus,) because I thought the package was pretty.

Jessica said...

The one with the ship was shoved to the side with no sign for it - I bought it because it sounded yummy!


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