Monday, July 25, 2011

It's in the Genes

Addison's newest favorite book is Favorite Desserts Made Lighter (Better Homes and Gardens)

I kid you not. Someone gave it to me last year & Addison found it on the shelf & when she opened it & saw all of the dessert photos inside she was mesmerized & asked me to read it to her. I read through some of the specific dessert descriptions and the intro on cakes:

It's no surprise that you find lots of classic angel food cakes here-they've long been low-calorie favorites that need little or no modification to fit in a healthy eating style. But there's more here...a moist pumpkin gingerbread served with lemon sauce, squares of glossy chocolate-glazed cake...

You get the idea. Only imagine it being read in a soft story-like tone. Addison interjected her own comments about what should go on a cake and made appropriate "yum" noises as I read. It cracked me up!

The first time we read it together Addison became so excited that she said we should make everything in it & invite people over. I told her maybe she could make one of the desserts while she was with Maemae. Addison was very disappointed that she forgot the cookbook last week & told me that she needs to "sign-up" to go to Maemae's again.


Tricia said...

Yes, she does need to come back so we can have our girl time. I feel like I hardly saw her while she was here.

Vickie said...

Both the girls are so sweet and cute!!


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