Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot, Hot Summer!

Despite being many many miles north of Florida last week it was actually hotter in PA than it was back home (103 degrees, anyone??). The thing about Florida is that humidity - it makes the heat feel that much hotter!

While at Ruth's we spent the afternoons on the deck letting the kids play in the kiddie pool & eat popsicles. Clay had never tried them before, but, it seems after getting over the initial cold he loved it!

He also liked the toy that came in the form of the popsicles stick when he was done. What better treat? Eat something yummy, get rewarded with a toy!

My favorite summer treat is ice cream, what about you?

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aliann said...

It's so fun watching little ones enjoy cold snacks for the first time. They make such great faces. All of mine tried ice cream for the first time at Jason's Deli.
Our favorite summer treat, though, is Jeremiah's!


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