Monday, July 04, 2011

Party Animal

I'm a fuddy duddy. It's true. At this stage in my life I'm not a fan of fireworks. I think I'll enjoy them a bit more again when my kids are older & it's not such an issue of them being woken up & scared.

(Truth be told, I've never enjoyed fireworks that much. A big show, 10-15 minutes long is nice. 10 minutes of little fireworks in the street are fine, too. Any more than that & I start to get quite bored. See? Fuddy duddy. I'm okay with that.)

We arrived home yesterday evening & Ray had to begin work straightaway. This morning I snuck out while everyone was still in bed so that I could get the grocery shopping finished & then I worked 10:30-2:30. Ray worked 2:30-6:30 & while he did that I made a big batch of blackberry jam. It was so yummy I couldn't help but to keep stealing tastes of it - resulting in a bloated tummy.

Clay enjoyed eating the blackberries!

The kids were still so exhausted from our long day on the river yesterday that they were all asleep well before 7 tonight, meaning that Ray & I had an evening alone for a movie & uninterrupted dinner. I always look forward to the nights when we're both free - they don't come often enough!

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Clay looks so adorable! I need to snuggle him!

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