Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Springs

Despite the lazy day yesterday we had a nice little evening trip to Rock Springs. This is one of Ray's old diving haunts from 10+ years ago - he couldn't get over the changes! They've turned a lot of these places into official little parks rather than just dirt roads leading to the spring.

We had only planned to look around for a bit, but, Addison found the water too enticing. It started with just putting her feet in & then walking a little further & a little further until her clothes were soaked.

You can't tell me dripping clothes aren't worth the look of happiness on her face!

Kate was torn - she wanted to go in the water but didn't want to take off her sandals. The sand really really bothers her at times. She ended up just walking into the water with her shoes on (like I said, they were sandals, easy to dry!) & thought her wet clothes were quite silly!

This sweet boy is still little enough to just hang with mom & dad the entire time.

Seeing the girls play sweetly makes my heart happy!

It was movie time in our pj's once we made it back to the hotel. A nice cuddly end to the day.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Little Caesars to pick up pizza for dinner. It even had a drive-thru, I've never seen on at a Little Caesars before.

Our dinner sparked a debate between Ray & I as to which pizza place is more ghetto: Little Caesars or Hungry Howies?

2 comments : said...

I vote Hungry Howies as the ultimate ghetto pizza joint.

Rachel said...

and I vote Little Caesars! The ones around here are seedy and the crust is not anywhere near as yummy as Hungry Howies!


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